Why Have a Breastfeeding Consultation?

Many mums have early day problems with breastfeeding.  Common issues can be getting baby to latch on, pain or weight gain.  As the days and weeks go on there can be issues with colic, reflux or allergy symptoms. Families may have questions about sleep, feeding rhythms, or later about starting solids, returning to work, weaning, or getting pregnant while breastfeeding.  Some mums who stopped breastfeeding may want to restart, or may have questions about combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding.  Some may have medical conditions or have babies with medical needs and want to discuss how breastfeeding will work for them.

What Happens at a Consultation?

A consultation takes place either in your home or in my clinic in Belfast at Framar Health( if you are outside my travel area, or would prefer to meet in Belfast).  There is no set time for a consultation as it is centred around you and your baby and what you want to discuss and want to achieve from the consultation, but often it works out between 1-1.5 hrs.  As it is based on you and your baby each consultation is unique but generally a consultation involves:

  • Review of breastfeeding so far, and review of pregnancy and birth.  Different birth interventions can affect breastfeeding in the early days.
  • Positioning, Attaching & Latching Help – this is more than a latch check and involves observing a full feed, working on different latching techniques, observing subtle shifts in baby's positioning.  I discuss how this differs from checking a latch in this blog
  • Infant Suck assessment (inc. Tongue Tie Assessment)
  • Overall Structure & Function evaluation - this is looking at subtle body function which may affect breastfeeding e.g. head moulding, effect of assisted birth etc.  
  • Where allergy is a question we may discuss family history of allergy, signs and symptoms and diet and supplements
  • Problem Solving and working together on a care plan to move forward
  • Discussing any other concerns or questions that you have

After the consultation you will receive follow up care while working through the care plan, by phone / text / email. One visit is usually enough to resolve out most problems with follow up by phone /text/email afterwards.  This follow up support is included in the cost of the consultation.

My approach is holistic and client centred.  I believe in listening to you and working to what you want to achieve. Where working on a problem I am focused on resolving the root cause rather than fixing symptoms and in supporting you and your baby as a breastfeeding dyad rather than seeing a problem with "the latch".  Overall my aim is to help you reach your breastfeeding goals and to know how wonderful breastfeeding can really be.  My special interests are Reflux, Colic, Tongue-Tie and how normal baby physiology can differ so much from our cultural norms.  If you have any questions about a consultation or would like to arrange to meet, please get in touch.