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How can I help you?

A selection of my services are available below.  I have a special interest in Reflux, Colic, Tongue Tie and also in Fertility issues while breastfeeding, but overall my interest is in helping all women and babies to enjoy an easy, loving and beautiful breastfeeding relationship for how ever long they wish to feed.  

A baby breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Consultation

Everyone has some early day problems like getting baby to latch on, pain or weight gain, getting sleep or perhaps colic, reflux or allergy symptoms.  A consultation can help work through these issues.

A group attending a breastfeeding preparation class

Breastfeeding Preparation

Learning about breastfeeding before baby arrives can get you off to the best start, and help avoid problems.  This can take place via group class, a 1-2-1 session in your home or through my online program.

A baby sticking out its tongue

Tongue Tie Assessment (Ankyloglossia)

Tongue-Tie (Ankyloglossia) is a condition where some babies have restricted tongue movement which can make breastfeeding, and sometimes bottle feeding difficult.  It affects between 4-11% of babies.

A person watching a webinar

Workshops & Webinars (CERPS)

I run a number of workshops and webinars on reflux, baby sleep, breastfeeding a baby with allergies.

CERPS are available for a number of these.

Empowering you to reach your breastfeeding goals.

I couldn't rate your workshop highly enough! Firmly believe all that you informed me about was the key to a wonderful successful bf journey. It was wonderful to hear all the benefits of breastfeeding and I believe that every mother should be offered the chance to attend a course like yours
Fantastic class, couldn't recommend it more. Both me and my husband got a lot out of it.
Your class (in hindsight) prepared me massively in that it was a very honest and informative session. Would recommend to anyone hoping to bf as I appreciated the honest and factual approach. Thanks Carol.

Upcoming Talks & Events

1-7 Aug 2019
World Breastfeeding Week - Giveaways on Facebook page

3 Aug 2019
Breastival, Belfast - Talk on The 4th Trimester:  Stone Age Babies in a Space Age World.  Tickets at

27 Sept 2019
ALCI Conference, Limerick - Talk on Paperless Practice for the IBCLC.  Tickets at 

Early Spring 2020
Mammae HCP Seminar, Belfast - Not Enough Milk?  Managing Low Weight Gain & Low Milk Supply in the Breastfeeding Dyad.  Registration opening Sept 2019


Important Information

All material on this website is provided for educational purposes only. Online information cannot replace an in-person consultation with a qualified, independent International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) or your health care provider. If you are concerned about your health, or that of your child, consult with your health care provider regarding the advisability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your individual situation.