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Talking Together Perinatal Peer Support Group

The Talking Together Peer Support Group meets via zoom twice a month on a Tues morning at 9.15am. 

This is a non judgemental space where you can talk with others who are also experiencing difficulty with anxiety and/or mood difficulties in the perinatal period.  You can share your difficulties, and hear from others about what they found helpful.  This can be helpful in developing strategies, and also in knowing that you are not alone, and in building social support networks which are supportive of your mental health.  The perinatal period is usually defined as pregnancy, and the 12 months following, however people can also experience difficulties in the early years following birth, perhaps with the stresses of parenting, or sometimes with anxieties around expanding the family further.  Due to this, the Talking Together group is not limited to the 12 month period after birth.  You are welcome after this time as well.

This is a pay-what-you-want group session.  I believe strongly in access to mental health support for all.  I have suggested a payment of £3.50 to attend (a cup of coffee) but when checking out there is the option to pay this amount, pay less, more or pay nothing.  If you wish to pay nothing please select the Pay Later button when checking out.

Register for the zoom link below:

Important Information

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