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Class based workshops and Online learning

Reflux - An Acid Problem? Finding Feeding Solutions

Reflux is a very common worry for parents, and is often misdiagnosed in babies due to a misunderstanding in the differences between normal reflux (GOR) and reflux disease (GORD).  Research suggests that only 0.9% of children have GORD (reflux disease), yet many babies with normal GOR are treated for GORD.  

Baby Sleep & You

How their baby sleeps is a concern for most parents.  Caught between the perceived society norm of a "good" baby who sleeps long stretches, and the reality of a young baby who wakes frequently and needs help getting back to sleep, we're often confused as to what is normal, or if our baby has a sleep problem.  

Breastfeeding & Food Hypersensitivity

Allergy rates are rising in babies, and many families find themselves querying whether their fussy baby could have a food allergy and is reacting through their breast milk.  Many breastfeeding mothers find themselves cutting foods out of their diet without any guidance, and unsure of how to help their baby.  

Low Weight Gain & Low Milk Supply

This seminar covers low weight gain and low milk production in healthy, full term babies within the community setting. It is aimed at those supporting breastfeeding & assumes understanding of breastfeeding, and milk production.
The focus of the seminar will be assessing milk transfer at the breast, understanding the importance of the milk ejection reflex in milk transfer, weight gain and milk production, techniques to improve weight gain and production, managing and weaning from supplements.

Colic, Gas and Unsettled Babies Workshop

Excessive crying in babies is very stressful and difficult for parents to manage, leading to multiple types of interventions, not all evidence based. This workshop is designed to help families understand what the research tells us about crying in babies - what is an normal and expected level of crying, theories about colic, what has been linked to increased or decreased crying, and how brain development plays a role. Gut distress, Migraine will also be covered.

Important Information

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