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The complete perinatal package offers a 1-2-1 breastfeeding preparation session in your home or in my clinic before birth, access to the online breastfeeding program to access at your leisure and a post natal breastfeeding consultation when your baby is born.  The post-natal session can take place at any time in the first 6 months after birth.  If you are having early day difficulties you may choose to have your visit in the first couple of weeks.  If things are going well, you may wish to have a visit a little later to talk through plans for starting solids, or for planning a return to work while continuing breastfeeding.  This package gives you the ultimate reassurance of all round care and breastfeeding support, giving you the peace of mind of a consultation when you need it.  Booking the package gives you both visits at a discounted rate.

It also makes a wonderful antenatal gift!

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If you have any questions about a session or would like to arrange to meet, please get in touch.

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