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CoRe is a new Connection and Co-Regulation Program for babies under 6 months. This program draws on different activities and interventions which are shown in the research to decrease crying and improve emotional regulation.  

Techniques are used to improve your baby’s engagement in tummy time, and to give you new soothing techniques.  Education and discussion will increase your understanding of your baby’s physical and neurodevelopment and deepen your bonding with your baby.  

Techniques for your own emotional regulation will support your mental health during the adjustment to this new stage of your life.

CoRe is perfect for unsettled babies, those who are higher criers, babies who struggle with tummy time, parents who find it hard to emotionally regulate or are struggling with the feelings of lack of control as a new parent, or for anyone who wants to connect more with their baby.

CoRe is a 6 week program.  It consists of:

  • A 1 hourly zoom class covering aspects of Baby Development, the Tummy Time Method, Nervous System Regulation and Co-regulation, Soothing Techniques, Parental Mental Health Support, Sleep Education, Q&A for Problem Solving
  • A Chat Forum for discussion between classes
  • Access to the CoRe workshop area with supplementary materials to enhance learning in the class

  • Cost is £50 for 6 weeks


Although the zoom class is live, I appreciate that young babies aren’t always ready for a class when we are and you might not be able to fully participate due to a crying or sleepy baby.  Due to this the class will also be recorded, and will be available to the participants for the next week to re-watch.  The video will not be available to anyone else.


The themes for the 6 weeks are:

Week 1 - Regulation & Assymetry

Week 2 - The Nervous System & The 4th Trimester

Week 3 - Entrainment

Week 4 - Structure & Novelty

Week 5 - Touch & Time Out

Week 6 - Connect, Regulate & Reflect


Book your place below.  If you are in another time zone and would like to arrange the program and have a group of 7 or more, contact me.


The CoRe class is organised individually for each small group.  Register your interest in the class below.  When I have at least 7 people I will contact you with possible dates/times for booking.

Register your interest and click Submit below:

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Important Information

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